DIY Facial Massage

According to the CDC and NCHS, one of the most common types of reported chronic pain are severe headaches or migraines.

Chronic Pain


I'm pretty certain that most of us have woken up some mornings regretting our decisions from the previous night or wishing that we had a jug of water within our reach. The feeling of  piercing pain shooting through our heads filling our jars of remorse to the brim. Why???? Ok, that may be a bit over the top... but you get the idea. So, there is hope. For migraines the best treatment is prevention. The following suggestions should be part of every migraine sufferers prevention tool kit.

Left unchecked, facial pain can produce sinus and tension headaches, toothaches, blurred vision and the pressure-cooker feeling that your head might explode, said Cynthia Ribeiro

Temporal Pain

For temporal headaches: Press four fingers against the temporal muscle and move them back and forth, up and down or in a circular motion.




Frontal and Sinus HeadachesFor frontal and sinus headaches: Put three fingers of each hand above the eyebrow line and press left to right, to the hairline, without gliding.




Tension headaches, tired eyes, sinusesFor tension headaches, tired eyes and sinuses: Press your thumbs up against the underside of the brow bone in the eye socket.





Body TensionFor stress and tension throughout the body (if you have time for only one exercise, this is the one to do): Using your three middle fingers arranged in a triangle, apply pressure just above the bridge of your nose, known as the "third eye."



For sinus headaches and allergies: With your index and middle fingers, press along, above and below your cheekbones.


Full Post by Alexia Elejalde-Ruiz, Tribune Newspapers: Here.