Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain

Neuromuscular massage therapy is an effective treatment for low back pain, as it helps to reduce tension in the muscles and improve circulation.


Scoliosis Therapy

Manual techniques empower patients with scoliosis to manage their condition more effectively and avoid surgery or other more invasive treatments.


Tech Neck

One of the most common nationally reported chronic pain types is severe headaches or migraines. Self-massage is key to lasting results for tech-neck.

Self Massage for Facial Pain

headache pain

Left unchecked, facial pain can produce sinus and tension headaches, toothaches, blurred vision and the pressure-cooker feeling that your head might explode.

Frozen Shoulder

Frozen Shoulder

Research suggests that frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis may be an abnormal response from the immune system in the connective tissue of the shoulder.